• jan182023

    Performance management for an elevated board of directors

    Performance management is an essential aspect of any organisation’s operations. It involves setting clear goals,…

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  • dec142022

    Leveraging the IMGD model for improved Board Performance

    As a board member, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that your organization…

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  • nov162022

    How to improve strategic governance communication

    As a CEO of a company you are in a unique position as a middle…

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  • okt262022

    How to best conduct a successful board evaluation

    Board evaluations are necessary for many companies. However, few board members realize the value that…

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  • okt212022

    How to promote sound decisions in times of uncertainty

    “Change is the only constant”, an expression that has become a reality in today’s society.…

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  • okt182022
    Artikel - 5 anledningar till styrelseutvärdering

    Common challenges for startup board members

    Board members and directors can be viewed as the primary strategic body in a company.…

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  • okt142022

    Why should you prioritise your management team?

    As a member of a management team, you have several responsibilities and stakeholders to consider.…

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  • sep292022

    5 Reasons to conduct a board evaluation

    An evaluation of the board of directors of a company can be rather complicated as…

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