Governance evaluations done right

Elevate your governance performance

Evaluating your board or top management performance is often neglected. It can lead to misaligned strategic initiatives, lack of engagement and poor governance performance overall. Take control over your governance performance, understand your top management dynamics, and improve decision making.

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Measure and understand your governance performance, including team composition, competencies and capabilities.


Recognise governance priorities and improvement areas objectively with a structured report and presentation.


Discuss and actively work on your improvement areas. Elevate your governance performance with concrete actions.

What is the need for Governance Evaluations?

During challenging times, company governance becomes a vital engine to guide your company forward. Research has shown that company performance is driven by governance performance and effectiveness. By evaluating your governance performance and prioritising your improvement areas, you will optimise your company performance in a structured way.

Test your governance performance

Our governance performance index is designed to provide clarity and priorities for your business. With Attitudes@Work, your business can better understand how your company governance is performing today.

To get an overview of Attitudes@Work, we designed a governance performance test that allows you to reflect over your company situation, and gain insights to underlying problems.

What are the benefits of Governance evaluations?

To clearly understand board and management performance has never been more challenging. With a governance evaluation, you can start to understand how your business is equipped for handling uncertain business conditions. With an objective evaluation of your governance performance, you will have a clear situational analysis that can help your board and management start the journey to become a high performance team.

How can we help?

We have over 20 years of experience supporting company owners, boards CEOs and management teams. Attitudes@Work is designed to support business governance with three distinct evaluations listed below.

Directors and
board members

Board@Work is designed for directors and board members to gage their board performance. You will evaluate 11 perspectives and gain a better understanding about your board composition, competencies and capabilities.

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CEOs and
Managing Directors

CEO@Work is designed to evaluate the CEO performance in a 360 degree overview. As the CEO of your business, you gain clarity and a better understanding about your performance. As a board member or owner, you can objectively evaluate your CEO and improve performance.

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Management teams and senior management

Management@Work is designed to evaluate the management team performance. As a board member or owner, you are often separated from the operations of the business. CEO@Work allows you to gage the management team performance.

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The process:

Below you see a a five-step process that we take you through. We support and guide you along the way, to ensure buy in from all participants.


Defining the evaluation objectives:

Discuss and agree about the purpose, need and objectives for evaluation. We support you to get buy in from the team.


Determining scope:

We decide on the timing, how the evaluation will be conducted and who should be involved. We guide you through the process.


Conducting the evaluation:

We send out information to all the participants and launch the evaluation. We take you through the whole process.


Presenting the evaluation:

We present the evaluation with key findings, priorities and key actions for the board. The presentation can be conducted digitally or in person.


Evaluate and improve performance:

Engage the team in a digital or in person workshop to discuss prioritised actions. If needed, we support you to facilitate the workshop and follow up.